How much fee for taking out any coin from counterwallet?

can anyone help me ?
I wanna know how much fee for taking out any coin from counterwallet ?
and if I put a sell on market and I wanted to cancel it , do they take me back the fee that spent for that sell on market ?

The miners fee is determined by the bitcoin network, and varies depending on how many transactions are in the mempool (pending)

As to your question about Decentralized EXchange (DEX) orders… every CP transaction is a bitcoin transaction that require a BTC miners fee… So, you are required to pay a BTC miners fee to list the order. If you wanted to cancel the order, you would need to broadcast a ‘Cancel Order’ transaction, which would again incur a BTC miners fee.

BTC miner fees are not returned on canceling orders. The only thing that is returned when you cancel an order is any remaining assets that were locked up in that order (ie, if you were trying to sell 10 XCP, and cancelled the order, you would get any remaining asset balance credit back to your address)