Can't login to my wallet

I’m trying to login to my wallet and I have the right adress and password, but still no progress…

Yesterday it was stuck for 5 hours like this and no progress were made. Two days ago I could login without any problems, now I can’t even login.

Please help :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem. Same screen shot. Any word?

Estoy en la misma situación, ingreso la clave y no puedo ingresar, queda como procesando el ingreso pero no accede, es un problema con el servidor? que sucede?

Nothing so far, had my computer on for 12 hours now trying to login without any progress…

There are multiple counterwallet servers for a reason… redundancy.

Visit… it lists off all the current servers and their status… if one is down (for maintenance, or whatever reason) there is usually an alternative server which is up… The CoinDaddy counterwallet server has been up this entire month.

Although it has been a long time ago, I can not log in.
I am in the same condition.
Passphrase matches.
Please help me.

Try reloading the window / clearing your cache.

You can also try other counterwallets:

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Thank you very much.
I erased the cache and logged in from “” here!
I am grateful.

I tried to do everything but it did not work
I never got into the wallet

You can try the

Do you get an error message when try to login?