Help...XCP server went down while midtrade and COINS vanished

I opened a ticket under an existing server down issue that others had 10 days ago and still heard nothing back

Basically was just doing my first trade and the server failed.

As luck would have it, part of the BTC went and now my balance is lower and the XCP id got to setup is not showing up. The history doesnt appear to even show the transaction… just duplicate expired orders.

Can someone help??

The wallet failed to update. It’s annoying, I know, but don’t worry. Coins do not vanish.

You can follow the address on :

Search for you address there and see the Unconfirmed tab.

OK…saw the address Thanks. It looks like the Counterparty transaction confirmed something apparently. I have no clue what exactly because I didnt get any XCP yet it shows a $2.91 mining fee was charged.

Isnt that odd? With the frequency of server downtime/ failures on XCP, how can users get reimbursed or notified that you are about to bring down the production server before users initiate transactions that end up losing BTC.