Burn BTC on testnet

Hi, I have the following questions.


I burned 0.1BTC on testnet and then I got 149.91974826XCP. The quantity of XCP was much larger amont than I expected. 

Is exchange rate fixed on testnet? and how much is it?

{"jsonrpc":"2.0", "id":0, "method":"create_burn", "params":{"source":"mo1kgfktQfRaLMR5SvehDMHLa9Cu7xJp4m", "quantity":"10000000"}}


2. burn only testnet

Burning is possible on testnet, isn't it? Actually, I tried it on mainnet then I got "too late" error.

3. blocksacn on testnet

Is there block explorer sites for counterparty on testnet. 

It seems not to exist in February. https://forums.counterparty.io/discussion/76/testnet-blockscan



1. You can see the exchange at the time here:
(Obviously you’d divide the number of XCP issued by the number of BTC burned)

2. Burning is always possible on testnet because XCP is not mine-able and it’s necessary for testing.

3. Block explorer on testnet: I guess there was never enough interest (not many transactions, and it’s mostly used by developers). Counterparty started working on its own block explorer, but later it got de-prioritized. I don’t know if it’s any good - I think it may provide some basic functionality. https://github.com/CounterpartyXCP/blockparty.