How do I create an offline SJCX wallet using CP + Electrum

Tried using the different wallets including armory - when I swept the keys it gave me an error.

When I tried broadcasting (by sending the SJCX from my watch only addy) it gave me an error.

Just want a secure way to store these tokens in an OFFLINE environment

Please help?

SJCX: Funds not sent due to failure.
This action will take some time to complete, and will appear as a Pending Action until confirmed on the network. Until that time, the wallet will not reflect the change. Please be patient.

I did not try this myself but if you send SJCX from Counterwallet to a bitcoin armory then isn’t the SJCX lost because it can only hold BitCoins? And you cannot sweep it back to Counterwallet because you cannot get the armory private key? If true then you want to exchange the SJCX to BitCoins first and then store these.