Internal Server Error

Trying to send my SJCX to another adress but I keep getting this error:

“Sorry, we got an error when trying to do the requested action: ‘Internal Server Error.’ (API method: create_send).”

any help?

What wallet server?

Can you send me a screenshot of the error and of the address if possible?

my address: 1ActJiPa7jpi3Y3JdwJz6QjzHsLCAMJ56e

address I’m trying to send to: 1JQKJBJXKBZTmN948DtaWSafbrq875vWcc

Try now. I updated … the problem is actually an insufficient BTC error (i.e. you lack the BTC at the address to make the transaction, as CP transactions require BTC fees), but that error message was not coming through due to a bug that has been fixed.

oh… nice

Thanks for the fast reply! Glad to be your customer