How can I remove ("delete") unwanted assets from my wallet?

Sometimes users end up with unwanted Counterparty-based assets (tokens, coins) such as unused “voting tokens” in their wallet.

There is no straightforward way to delete them.

A workaround way to remove them is to create a new wallet and send unwanted assets to an address in this new wallet. Or you can use the Counterparty burn address.

The usual transaction fee (paid in BTC) that goes to bitcoin miners would be required for each such transaction.

I keep a “junk” address of my own and this is a good solution to get rid of all the tokens i dont want. I also have another address that i have labeld “squatting” for the assets that I own and plan to use in the future, or assets i bought with hopes that someone might purchase them one day. I do own a couple of curse words :D:D:D:D