The tokens cannot be deleted from my CounterWallet

Dear Sirs,

The tokens cannot be deleted from my CounterWallet. Even if they have
balance 0 they still exist in the wallet. I will explain below 2 scenarios:

  1. I created token KRISSTOYNOV and I issued 10 tokens. Then I sent all
    these 10 tokens to my mobile wallet. Now the token KRISSTOYNOV should
    disappear from my wallet, but it exist with balance 0.

  2. I bought 10 tokens SCOTCOIN from the Counterparty marketplace. Then
    I sold all these 10 tokens on the same marketplace. The token SCOTCOIN
    should disappear from my wallet, but it still exist with balance 0.

You can see the attached screenshot from my wallet.

You would have to transfer ownership of KRISSTOYNOV to another address. You own that asset name, and can issue more tokens under that named asset. The SCOTCOIN is a different story. I’m assuming you placed a sale for XCP on the Dex and it is awaiting a matched buy order at the price you chose. You can’t delete the assets or tokens from your wallet, as far as I know. However, you can sell, give away, and/or transfer tokens and transfer ownership.

Correct, the ones you issued, you can’t get rid of them unless you Transfer Ownership. You can transfer ownership to a burn address (search this forum for burn addresses) if you want to get rid of those.
For others, that you have but haven’t issued them, you can send them to a burn address.

If you don’t mind to change your address, you can add a new regular address and send only those that you need, to that new address. That would save you some transaction fees, but the existing address with those assets would remain in the wallet.