Remove unusable assets

The database is now bloated with 22,000+ numeric assets which have been issued with no supply and locked.

There is no meaningful way for these assets to ever use the Counterparty system, and this data just bloats the assets table, making queries slower for assets and users who ACTUALLY use the Counterparty system as it was meant to be used (token supply issued for asset)

I propose that we remove/purge all numeric locked assets with no supply issued from the assets table.

A record of the issuance will exist in the issuances table, if someone needs to prove their transaction is “anchored” to a bitcoin transaction, however bloating the assets table is unacceptable behavior.


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I agree we should remove them asap. We waited long enough for them to stop spamming.

Trying to approach this purely from a database maintenance perspective. If assets are locked and no supply issued, no meaningful way to use Counterparty, so makes sense to remove them.

Projects gonna do whatever we allow them to, which is fine… best to guide behavior where we want through responsible improvements vs reactionary forks :slight_smile:

Less about stopping a specific project and their actions, more about just closing an attack vector and storing data in the database in the most effective way.

Additional questions to consider :

  • Should we remove ALL assets which are locked with 0 supply from the assets table?
  • Does paying XCP to register an asset change this viewpoint at all?

Currently I am of the opinion that if we put a fee on numerics, we can kick this can down the road a bit further and have more discussions… If however, even after a fee is put on numerics, we continue to see the misuse of CP (registering locked assets with no supply), then I feel that this topic needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

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