Gemz missing in counterpary wallet

Hi, it’s been a while since i opened my counterparty wallet, today i opened it and all my gemz tokens seem to have disappeared! I noticed that the wallet has changed since the last time i opened it, what is going wrong?
If i check the public keys of my addresses, i see that the gemz are still there. How can i get access to them now?

Hi, there are several possibilities the most likely of which is that the address is dis-associated from the wallet and you need to add it back in (just create another new address in your wallet). (The wallet maybe looks differently because after update the encrypted wallet profile on the server was gone, so server-specific things like address aliases that you may have setup are gone too. But addresses are tied to the pass phrase and cannot disappear).

Other than that there are scripts (see below) that can help you generate a list of addresses in the wallet (and private keys too, if you want).

i just got it solved by simply creating new addresses in the wallet. The addresses with the gemz tokens automatically appeared after that. Thanks for you advice though.

i will definitely follow up on your advice to go see a movie :slight_smile:

Hope you’ll have good fun!
(By the way I did suggest to create a new address, but in any case glad that you solved the problem).