Address has gone out of wallet

Yesterday I added a new address to my counterwallet.

I made a multisig address with it and send some bitcoins there.

Today I open my wallet and I don’t see this address there.
I see 1ET6Ty8BTjtR5PompP2HTQKGBg7KkYgSw3 instead.

So, now I cannot get no private or public key for the gone address, multisig address become useless and its coins are locked.

Addresses are never really gone. Have you tried this

Is your address there?

Thanks for the great tool, @mtbitcoin

I see both addresses, and have all the keys now!

Anyway, it looks like a serious bug in Counterwallet: address should not disappear after being added.

Yes, it’s an annoyance that’s been around for months. You can add a new address and in all likelihood the “disassociated” address should appear.

never mind

just logged in and i’m having this issue as well.

when i put the address in as watch only i get a notification that the address is already in my wallet, however it does not show up again, even after log out/log in

@Dominik_Zynis I believe this issue was never fully resolved. Would you be up for creating a few additional addresses, that should make the old address appear in the wallet again?

nevermind I am not 100% sure that 12 words belonged to that address, as i do have the privkey in another location. I think it did belong to it, however I can’t prove it. :slight_smile:

When i used the tool on blockscan to print out 99 (max it allowed) address based on the HD wallet key the address didn’t come up.

So i think you’ll need to find someone else. Or have the org do the testing. But as I have been informed counterwallet team does not seem to have plans for long term support of this.

Counterwallet Helper ( can work to a search depth of at least 10,000 addresses (I tested just now).

You could run it to an arbitrary depth, output result to file and go see a movie, then come back and check whether your address is or isn’t there.

i believe i see you had this resolved in the skype chat, is that correct?

I have also lost an address which has a fair few tokens attached … not happy. How to use this tool

[edit] ok so generating a new address, regenerated the same address … i get it. Phew