Do I can not vending If you do not enter the passport number?

I have to enable automatic sale of tokens CoinDaddy.
But, I can not enter the details. And I can not even change of image

I do not have a passport, it is not yet entered the I number.

The following errors are displayed
You must enter all ‘Basic & Contact Information’ before you can activate this service.

Hi Masaru, you should contact CoinDaddy’s support about this.
@jdogresorg (the owner) is a member here and it’s fine to ask here, just keep in mind that you could get better service by directly contacting CoinDaddy.


Date of Birth (DOB) and Social Security Number (SSN)/Passport ID iS NOT required in order to operate a vending machine at CoinDaddy. In fact, we don’t even request those fields except in VERY special circumstances. The only information that is REQUIRED to operate a vending machine at CoinDaddy is Name, Email, and Contact Address (physical location).

FYI, Any business that operates as a Money Service Business (MSB) in the United States is obligated to collect certain identifying information on their customer in order to compare them against a list of known terrorists and enemies of the state, known as the OFAC list ( This is why in order to allow you to sell your tokens to someone, CoinDaddy must collect some basic info on you (name & address), so that we may compare it against this OFAC list and ensure we are allowed to do business with you.

As to how you change your asset icon, you can do so by
1.) Login to the site
2.) Click ‘My Assets’
3.) Click the “Edit” button in the “Data” column
4.) Under ‘Basic Asset Information’ click the “Edit / Upload Image” button
5.) Select an image/icon to upload

You may also want to watch this video as it walks you through the asset enhancement service, including how to edit your asset icon.

Thank you very much.
It is such as my address, had been input completion.
It was an inquiry of refund of YUMECOIN by issuing a ticket to a few hours ago.

But, now, it was successful If you have attempted to set again vending.
You could safely vending setting.
Thank you for teaching me.
I am grateful.

I’m sorry.
In a few hours ago, I was issued a ticket.

Excuse me.
Now, we want to fix the sale amount of money, it has been deleted the sales information. And I tried to re-register, will result in an error and I want you to personal information input.
I’m already entered.
Perhaps to, can not be the province of choice, do you input of personal information can not be completed?