launches Asset Vending Machine Service is pleased to announce the release of the CoinDaddy Asset Vending Machine Service.

The CoinDaddy Asset Vending Machine Service is a service which allows asset owners to setup a vending machine to sell their Counterparty or Dogeparty asset tokens to users. The service allows the asset owner to configure exactly what payment methods they want the vending machine to accept, and supports thousands of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and any Counterparty or Dogeparty asset.

CoinDaddy charges a one time $5.00 activation fee for each vending machine, as well as a flat $0.05 cents per successful transaction, plus a small miners fee in order to write the transaction to the blockchain.

A sample vending machine can be seen at :

A video demonstrating the service can be seen at :

More information on the Asset Vending machine service can be found at :

Anyone who is interested in learning more about CoinDaddy should visit the website at


Sounds awesome. Will look into it.

Is it safe to say that this is a Tokenly’s Swapbot alternative with more cryptocurrency acceptance such Dogecoin?

Yes, it is safe to say this is an alternative to swapbot with more payment methods, however I don’t really like comparing the 2 services since they are very different and are focused on slightly different purposes. Yes, they both allow people sell counterparty tokens, but that is about where the similarities end.

Tokenly’s Swapbot is a an open source bot which allow users to swap tokens with it, where as the CoinDaddy Asset Vending Machine services is more like a traditional vending machine which is primarily focused on selling an item and accepting as many payment methods as possible.

Is it possible (if not, how difficult would it be) to set prices depending on the current BTCUSD exchange rate?

The vending machine service already supports USD pegging for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Which means that you can set the vending machine up to always charge $5.00 worth of Bitcoin for 1 asset token. This way you can know your always getting $5.00 worth of bitcoin per token regardless of what the price of bitcoin was at that time.

I also plan on supporting USD pegging for certain counterparty assets in the near future :slight_smile:


Cool. That’s a neat feature Swapbot currently doesn’t offer, I believe.

I got one!

Want to send someone a little DIRT?

Here’s the vending machine for that:

Accepts BTC and all common assets, even LTBCOIN.
(Just ask for other popular tokens to be added to the machine)

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We have setup Scotcoin with and it works a treat for selling an amount of Scotcoin, pegged to $1/$10’s worth of BTC, LTC & DOGE. We are about to announce it to our community, shortly…

It’s very simple to set up and hopefully it will expand our project out to those that are just looking to gain a small entry into our crypto. Recommended!

Good job J-Dog!