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Welcome to the official thread for CoinDaddy

What is CoinDaddy?

CoinDaddy is a crypto 2.0 services company that makes blockchain technologies easier to understand and use. Our goal is to help users understand the power of blockchain technologies and provide tools to help them use it today to benefit their lives.

What FREE services does CoinDaddy offer?

  • CounterpartyChain and DogepartyChain Blockchain Viewers - FREE blockchain viewers that allow anyone to see information on assets and help visualize the flow of assets between users on the Counterparty and Dogeparty platforms. These blockchain viewers also support enhanced assets and broadcasts, which means that any user can enhance their asset and associate additional information (like contact or website information) with their asset or broadcast and that information will be visible to directly in the blockchain viewer. In addition, each of these sites also has a robust set of 100% free APIs which will allow developers to immediately start using assets in their applications.

  • Asset and Broadcast WHOIS Services - FREE tools that collect and list off all known information about an asset or a broadcast. Users can use the asset or broadcast whois tools to easily locate all information available about an asset or a broadcast, including basic and extended information, and soon reputation information and more.

What PAID services does CoinDaddy offer?

  • Assset Registration Service - a simple way for users to register assets on the Counterparty or Dogeparty networks. Users simply search for the asset they want to register, give us some basic information about their asset, and pay for the asset registration in Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin. CoinDaddy then handles registering the asset for the user, delivering it to the users wallet, and notifying them when the asset is ready for use.

  • Asset Transfer/Escrow Service - a simple way for asset owners to list their asset ownership for sale, and give price and preference info on how they want to sell their asset. Sellers are notified when they receive purchase offers from potential buyers and both are able to negotiate asset price anonymously, to agree on a final purchase price. Once an offer is accepted the buyer simply funds the escrow account and CoinDaddy holds on to the funds until the seller transfers asset ownership to the new owner. Once the asset transfer is complete the buyer is asked for feedback on the transaction and funds are released from escrow to the seller.

  • Asset Enhancement Service - a simple way for asset owners to associate extended information with their asset, such as contact or website information. Extended asset information is visible on the CoinDaddy blockchain viewer websites. This service also provides users with a custom coinsite.io website for their asset which they can use to help promote and market their asset or product. Users are able to return to CoinDaddy at any point and update their asset information or website as they see fit.

  • Broadcast Enhancement Video - similar to the asset enhancemnt service, this service is a simple way for anyone to send an enhanced broadcast about anything and associate extended information with the broadcast, such as contact or website information. Extended broadcast information is visible on the CoinDaddy blockchain viewer websites, and this service also comes with a custom chaincast.io website to help promote and market the broadcast. Users are able to return to CoinDaddy at any point and update their broadcast information or website.

What is the price for your PAID services?

We have set the price for most of our services at $5 because we believe that is a fair price for the value that we are providing. We could charge more, but our primary goal is to help drive crypto adoption, which means keeping things simple and affordable for users. While we reserve the right to raise our prices in the future as our costs rise, at this time we feel that $5 is a very fair price for the service we are providing. We are focused on what we can do for our users, not what our users can do for us.

What services is CoinDaddy working on?

  • Reputation / Feedback system
  • Asset Vending Machine service
  • Asset Sending Service/API

Where can I learn more?

Anyone interested in learning more about CoinDaddy and our services should visit the CoinDaddy.io website.


Official Videos

CoinDaddy Introduction

Assset Registration Service - Demo Video

Asset Enhancement Service - Demo Video

Asset Transfer/Escrow Service - Demo Video

Broadcast Enhancement Service - Demo Video

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