But a long time ago I was able to image registration, now, why, can not I?

The net of articles, how to register the image on the token in a different site CoinDaddy the counter party had been introduced.
But it now has the same screen as the counterparty.
Why, though the image could be registered, right now, what can not I?

In addition, whether the image of the token, which was registered in the mobile app “IndieSquare”, which was written in the net and do not appear in other systems not compatible, will also be displayed is current on other sites and systems?

  • Are you asking why the image cannot be registered any more on CoinDaddy.io?

@jdogresorg have there been any changes with regard to your URLs where users can register enhanced asset info?

  • For Indiesquare or any app, I don’t know.
    If the app uses the same approach as enhanced_asset_info, then I assume it should be cross-site, but I will ask someone from Indiesquare if they know…

Here’s the standard format:

  { "asset": "MYTOKEN", "description": "This is a description of
  MYTOKEN", "image": "<http://www.mysite.com/mytoken.png>", "website":
  "<http://www.mysite.com>", "pgpsig":
  "<http://www.mysite.com/MYTOKEN.pgp>" }


Thank you very much.

I have to know how to register the image on the token in CoinDaddy by searching the net.
But, now, it seems to have lost items to image registration on the site.

You’re up up loaded on the server the text file as the extension JSON made in a standard format that taught me to me.
Then, the URL on the screen of the counter party of token description change, was entered in the form.

The source code written in a standard format and perhaps, do you fill in the form of description change?

On CoinDaddy.io, https://coindaddy.io/services/asset-enhancement is where the URL seems to be.


I was registered from the following URL, the “Counterparty”.
I can not register the image, in CoinDaddy I checked on the net, how to register a picture came out.
Although I was also logged on the site of the test to CoinDaddy, I was in trouble because the screen was the same as the Counterparty.

In CoinDaddy the image of the token made in the “Counterparty”, it can not be registered.

I, the “token” was registered with the Counterparty, I want to know the registration and description additional images.

@something: Users should be able to set their asset description to xcp.coindaddy.io/TOKENNAME.json where TOKENNAME is the name of their asset. This points the asset at a JSON file which contains extended asset information (like an image, etc).

Anyone can register on CoinDaddy and upload an image for their asset for free.

Thank you very much.
I am grateful.

I was able to understand the site meaning of finally “Coindaddy”.
Management of tokens made in the “Counterparty” is, I do you in “Coindaddy”.

In the following URL, registration of the flow of the image, but I knew, I thought that apart from the “Coindaddy”.

I’m sorry.
I was able to fully understand.

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