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Hello, My name is Crypton. I am rather new to your services and am very interested in investing in counterparty stock which I have as of recently. I am trying to create a new coin and need help with this article in particular. http://counterparty.io/docs/enhanced_asset_info/, I have read through the page thoroughly and am still having trouble with the entire process. Please get a hold of me as soon as you’re able to.

Regards, Crypton C. Crypt.


Check out CoinDaddy.io, they provide a template that helps you create it through their site (there’s a small time saving fee).

If you insist on free, then basically you need to have a Web site such as mysite.com where you’d keep a file such as mytoken.json, an icon/logo & PGP signature file (3 files).

Content of such mytoken.json:

  { "asset": "MYTOKEN", "description": "This is a description of
  MYTOKEN", "image": "<http://www.mysite.com/mytoken.png>", "website":
  "<http://www.mysite.com>", "pgpsig":
  "<http://www.mysite.com/MYTOKEN.pgp>" }

Then in your asset info you would enter http://www.mysite.com/mytoken.json.

Coindaddy.io helps with registration and I think also with hosting the files, for a fee.

Good luck!