Can someone explain why do we need counterparty when there's ethereum?

new to crypto and evaluating my options and focus

Counterparty is more geared toward tokens/assets. Create your own asset in Counterwallet and it is immediately visible across the network. It is also easier to integrate with BTC, and companies such as Tokenly and Coindaddy offer related services.

Very soon Counterparty will implement Ethereum contracts. It basically means you can do more advanced escrows, exchanges and raffles with existing tokens.

Counterparty has worked well over two years and the crucial parts (blockchain, double-spend) rely on Bitcoin, which is the most proven tech out there.

Ethereum is newer and more experimental. A lot of interesting stuff is going on, and in one-two years we will see if their approach works or not.

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well the only cons of counterparty is the block time isnt it however i wonder why the lack of hype in this project?

also how is this different then rootstock?

maybe im confused

The long blocktime yes … treat it as a settlement layer rather than an interactive platform. This is bound to happen not just because of long block times but because all blockchains have low capacity. Bitcoin is getting more popular, and therefore fees are rising. This will apply to every blockchain, not just Bitcoin. Fees must rise after the usage reaches a (not that high) critical point.

In practice it means that most activity shall be off-chain and only when one has tokens of some value (say $10) then settle the tokens on Counterparty.

I don’t know Rootstock but generally speaking a valuable platform is valuable when it’s supported by third party services. Therefore there will naturally only be one or some very few token platforms.