Can't see bitcoin transaction history?

Hello. I recently got this wallet and had 2 bitcoin transactions in the past week, and while I do see my balance I do not see anything in the transaction history. Am I doing something wrong? My account address is 1MkacxwShGSs15VkhSUD4pG5hcd4aamqoX

Bitcoin history can be seen on any bitcoin explorer you like.
Counterparty history can be seen in the wallet, but if it’s not working properly, use any Counterparty explorer (e.g.
In the both places just enter your address.

so i can’t see bitcoin transactions in my counterwallet? is there a way to request the feature? seems like a very basic one…

Actually it’s (or should be) available. On Testnet (which is what I was using to check) it is disabled (which I just discovered).

If it’s not showing for mainnet data then it’s a bug.

Reference in the source code:

should i submit a bug report? i’m not sure where to do that

Thanks for your feedback. If you can contribute please create a pull request :slight_smile:

thanks, i’m not a coder but i hope that helps

This basic feature is extremely important and I dont understand how counterparty is not putting this as a top priority to fix. So counterparty has the wallet mixing feature but we can not keep track of the money we have spent out of the wallet. You are trying to create a stock exchange with no record of fees. Please get serious and fix this . You will have no volume, what are we supposed to guess how much we spend? I transfered $ 20 made 40 trades and 12 have been refunded I think because I cannot see the btc fee attached to my order to see it go out or comeback. Do you understand how lacking this feature is?

Well, the issue has been identified - history doesn’t work since changed their API.

Someone needs to spend 1-2 hours to fix it, pull requests are welcome.

In the meantime offers a Web-based interface to address orders and as well.

bumping this

i pulled my transaction and trading history in the csv and i was quite confused not seeing BTC history in the log. this is an essential thing to have tracked, as well as all fees.

thank you VERY MUCH for looking into this, seems like a very necessary feature. pretty much seems like a bug that it isn’t included

any update on this?

Wallet History feature fix is on a to-do list for the next Counterparty bounty program.
But it could be 2-3 months before this is actually done.

If you can accept a simpler way (CLI command), I can provide you with a command that can list your transactions in simple text table (from Win or Lin shell) or as a workaround you can use (or even install) a Counterparty Web explorer (J-Dog’s mySQL based explorer is open source).