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I had sent around .1 BTC to an address for an ICO from counterwallet. The balance is missing from my wallet, but there is no record of any transaction anywhere. Please Help!!!

If your going to ask for help, you need to post relevant details so that people can look into your issue.

Address, Transaction hash, screenshots… these are things that help us resolve your issue.

What address do you believe you sent BTC to?

This address: 3AiGej11G8jUXvEBPvQKPLiHXC7ruUCp1Z

Your transaction went through perfectly fine

The balance is missing from your wallet because you sent the funds out of your wallet.

Its not showing up in the history be in counterwallet though.

I saw the same in my Counterwallet, history does not show BTC transactions.

Thx for the clear description of the issue :slight_smile:

Can you please create a issue over on and we will work on getting it fixed ASAP.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is it the same like this?

Yep, that is most likely the issue. I’ll bring this up in slack and see if we can get someone to fix this issue in the near future. :slight_smile: