Send BTC does not show up in the history


I have the transfer “Send of 0.8 XCP to My Address #1” in the history of my wallet, and other send transactions related to XCP. However, I’ve also sent a small BTC amount to “My Address #1”. This BTC transfer is not shown in the history. Can I make the BTC transfers visible somehow so that I can see the complete history of my wallet?

Note: there is a small BTC amount in my “My Address #1”, so some BTC transfer definitively went through. These BTC send transfers are not listed in the history. And no, I never bought BTC on the Counterwallet market, so the BTC in “My Address #1” were transferred and not bought.


You can look up the history of all of your “My Address #1” by simply copying and pasting the public address into a compatible Bitcoin or Counterparty block explorer. All unconfirmed and confirmed transactions are entirely public.

For counterparty functions you can use:

and it is also common for developers and users to use though many block explorers exist for Counterparty.

To view your transaction info for all of your Bitcoin transactions you can use

It sounds like you may be using, which is the most historical wallet in Counterparty. Many users prefer to use at this time as well to view and manage your Counterparty history and XCP assets all in one place.

Sometimes bitcoin transactions can take quite a long time to confirm due to fee’s, so sometimes it is best to stay patient and verify your transactions have been confirmed using the tools mentioned above.

Thanks, I will try your suggestions.

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I’ve checked freewallet, but it has bugs when displaying the BTC send/receive history:

  1. for BTC received, it always displays “Received 0.00000000” in the history
  2. when clicking on an BTC received entry, it displays the wrong address and amount (it looks like it displays the first “To” address for a given TxId)

Unfortunately, it cannot export the history. Because of the above issues, I had to manually edit the history anyways. Freewallet definitively was a help to identify the BTC transactions I had to look at.

Hi again repeater,

Remember you can always view your counterparty address on (which shows Counterparty functions) and (which shows your BTC functions). Since these are all BTC transactions you can use any Bitcoin explorer of your liking, blockstream is just the one I am used to.

The bitcoin blockchain (and hence the Counterparty information as well) is entirely public and when confirmed is immutable information.

It sounds to me like Freewallet has a few bugs showing correct history in the history tab… I will go ahead and write up an FAQ for this in the official github that Freewallet is documented.

Remember you can also always use and other Counterparty wallets like and

Also remember you can also always look up for Counterparty transaction info on as well as

See more listed here: Wallets | Counterparty

Yes, I could clarify the full BTC transaction history of my counterwallet with the help of your advice. Thanks!

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