Bitcoin not showing in wallet yet

Should be there, thanks

can someone help with this plse…

Your transaction went through fine… it is just that is not currently displaying your BTC wallet history due to an issue with the API where we get the BTC balances.

We are working on resolving this issue.

thanks mate, appreciate it. I did the transfer so I could move out some $xcp, when can I expect to be able to do this?

You are able to send BTC and any other counterparty asset out of fine… the only issue is that when you send a BTC transaction, it is not currently showing up in the counterwallet history… beyond the BTC history not displaying, everything else should work :slight_smile:

here’s the thing, I can’t send the $xcp out without the bitcoin – apparently :slight_smile:

Yes… Counterparty runs on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain, and as such each counterparty transaction is required to pay a small amount of BTC to the bitcoin miners to get them to mine your transaction.

The solution is just to send some more BTC to your wallet… Once you have enough BTC in your wallet to cover the transaction/miner fee, the transaction should go through :wink:

OK good, I see that I didn’t send enough originally, all is well. Thanks

Adkins can close/ delete this, all is well!