Cannot login to my wallets

I've lost control on some of my wallets. Hope someone could help here.

Error on login:

Call failed (failed over across all servers). Method: get_normalized_balances; Last error: JSON-RPC Error:

Type: Invalid params
Code: -32602

Test case to reproduce error:

  1. New wallet has been created
  2. Some BTC were sent to the first address of the wallet
  3. I added two more addresses to the wallet
  4. I added a "3 of 3" multisig address to the wallet
  5. I created new asset with random numeric name owned by the first address of wallet
  6. I created another new asset with random numeric name owned by the same address
  7. Logged off, tired of waiting for these assets to appear on the dashboard
  8. Can not log in

Can you please look at the network tab of the javascript console, and send us the query which return this error at ? the query should contains the addresses of your wallet.

POST /_api HTTP/1.1
POST data: {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":0,"method":"get_normalized_balances","params":{"addresses":["12aotFdkCPQ4cU3x5ZidwWsp9bXpVPFj3w","18M9FAbntWurpD9gykwkNSKKh47t8gLFNQ","1PYLSKkjEUg3veZQHZSAUn96VpYk3jzeNM","3_12aotFdkCPQ4cU3x5ZidwWsp9bXpVPFj3w_18M9FAbntWurpD9gykwkNSKKh47t8gLFNQ_1PYLSKkjEUg3veZQHZSAUn96VpYk3jzeNM_3","133vBC63tkLLzqqBjta7mJogFaMzq6hChm","1ihwUAfRwspBTBcvpwwM4xCwuZXA8PLHr","1GciUbWzdjq2JCbsAb7tamn8s4juCcCWKz","19JMeQQz2xumJtYZj44C8mCptJ6WJT9BkL","17o7dCrscujxfNjXgBEYWGXBCo8AzTSnCk","18v9E2DbXCKjxh9LtVKn6Zx2gdUoHGBuZm","1Lfu7MLGjGN8jU7CuarHGuQosr6tszkKAq"]}}

{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 0, "error": {"message": "Invalid params", "code": -32602}}

I tried the same query using previous version of federated node (with addrindex-0.10-rc2) and it works there!


Can you retry now please ? should works. I didn’t find yet the problem, but seems that a counterblock restart fixed it.

Unfortunately the problem still there.

@SillyWilly can you please give it a try now. The dev has implemented a fix on cw01 and is watching the log to see if the issue was resolved.

@ivana it works now. Thanks!


i can’t login its password in pharse true but always loading not login thank you

Same problem! Is there any fix?


Desperately trying to contact a human being on this site but no luck so far. I believe you, Ivana, are of such a type so jumping in on this other thread to contact you.

I created an Counterparty account. Got my seed phrase and created a password. Go to login but can’t use password, only seed phrase which is odd but no matter.
Entered seed phrase, clicked on Open Wallet but just get the progress bar endlessly whirling around. Tried this twice now, same result.
Created an account at this forum. Added a comment to other people with same problem but see no answers are being offered so there seems to be no support.
I’m desperate as I have til Nov 1st to transfer my Trigger tokens to your wallet.
HELP!! Is anybody there???

You should be able to login to any of the counterwallet servers which are online listed at

There also are a number of other counterparty wallets you can use should you ever find counterwallet is not working for you.

Thanks. Able to open my account through .coindaddy.

But not sure how to transfer crypto into my wallet. It says I have to transfer some BTC first. Do I send to wallet they have created for me like My Address No 1? Looks the most likely candidate.

Thanks for your help


It’s all right. Figured it out so thanks again. Massive relief not to lose my TRIG

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Glad too hear things worked out for ya :slight_smile:

Got another question if you would be so kind.

Can I deposit any coins into Counterparty wallet? Reason I ask is I have to remove some SHIFT tokens from Bittrex by Nov 1st too.

Can they be transferred to this wallet?

Counterparty runs on bitcoin and uses bitcoin addresses to hold tokens. Any counterparty token can be sent to any bitcoin address.

SHIFT is not a counterparty token, so you probably shouldn’t try to send it to a counterparty/bitcoin address.

Thanks. As you can probably guess I am completely untechy.

Do you know of any wallets I can transfer these SHIFT tokens to?

Probably best to check the coin’s website at

Great. Thanks
Didn’t think of that. Duh!!!