Site errors when logging in

I havent logge in, in months. Apparently now its “counterwallet” and it asked me to accept new terms and conditions “because you’re logging into this server for the first time”. So I accepted.

But now it just spins and fails with this popup every time:
failoverAPI: Call failed (failed over across all servers). Method: get_normalized_balances; Last error: JSON-RPC Error: Type: Server errorCode: -32000Message: Got call_jsonrpc_api request error: timed out

I assume its trying to “move me over” to the new system and failing. Please advise.


Yeah it’s now and the prompt to accept T&C is there because you hadn’t logged in to that particular server.

Regarding the errors, can you try or retry later?

Hi - had this error for 2 days now on both CW & Coindaddy - any ideas? thanks…

CD works fine, I just tried.

One of XT proponents organized another denial of service by spamming the network 2 days ago.

Thanks - yes its just localized to one wallet login … weird…

Occasionally the blockchain has to do a reorganization, at which point counterwallet will not respond to requests properly because the system is busy and you will get the “get_normalized_balances” error. The issue is usually just temporary. If you get this issue, wait a few minutes and try logging in again.

If you continue to have issues with, please let me know :slight_smile:

CoinWallet is preparing another DoS attack on Sep 10, so expect problems next week as well.