Login doesnt work!

Im trying to login to the wallet with mulitple browesers and both link-password and phrases. But it doesnt seem to work. I know it says on your main site(https://counterwallet.io/) that you are down, but have it been down for 4 days?
I have been able to login 2 times out 15 the last 4 days.
I have cleared cache and incognito mode, swiched browser, but nothing works.

I need access to my wallet!!

I keep getting this js error:

[22/5/2017 15:34:56.871] Got an error when trying to sync BTC balances: JSON-RPC Error:
Type: Server error
Code: -32000
Message: Got call_jsonrpc_api request error: result is None – is the ‘http://counterparty:4000/api/’ endpoint operational?


Have exactly the same error at the moment!