BTC and FOLDERPEPE balance change pending


I have BTC and FOLDERPEPE coins pending changes for the last 20 or so days. The FOLDERPEPE is in this state from when I issued a sell order for XCP (no orders active though) and BTC Bal: 0.0002172 (0.00300724) from when I transferred FLDC to bittrex.

Can someone please explain what is happening and how can I fix it?


If you want help, please post more information such as your address so that we can investigate the history associated with it… the screenshot doesn’t tell us much.

Sure, 1HXKxNtoQj5Pu7SdcHy22z4yecxYzkADxD


Your previous transaction probably timed out after 7-10 days due to not being processed due to paying low fees and the blockchain being busy/spammed lately.

I see one pending order for your address

It appears that this transaction also paid a really low fee, so it will probably stay pending for a while as well.

If it is important to you that your funds get transferred/confirmed quickly, please consider paying a higher transaction fee.

I had 2 transactions. One for FOLDERPEPE to XCP order and one for FLDC to bittrex. I believe both were for 11 sats per KB. FLDC arrived in 2-3 hours.

Another thing I don’t understand is the BTC. Before doing those transactions I had about 0.003 BTC. Now, as seen on the print screen, there’s 0.0002172 and 0.003 pending…

BTC works based off UTXOs… think of it like this… you want to buy something which costs $0.50, but you only have a $10 bill in your wallet… so you hand the cashier $10, and they take $0.50 for the product and then return $9.50 to you in change.

Same exact thing is happening here… your seeing the $10 on the move and assuming that your spending the entire amount… that is not the case, most of the change will be coming back to you :slight_smile:

You can see that is the case by looking here at the input and output address… funds are going FROM your address then back TO your address, minus the tx fee.

Thanks for the explanation I understand now. Do you know when they will be available {BTC)? It’s been a while now.


Typically most pending transactions time out within 7-10 days… if your transaction is not processed, then your funds are returned :slight_smile: