Unable to send XCP from CounterWallet

Hey guys,

I’m trying to send a little XCP to poloniex.com and it is just constantly pending on CounterWallet (showing the spinning balance change icon), I never get shown any error, nor does the transaction appear on xchain. It just remains pending in my notifications for a while and eventually my balances are reset back to how they looked before I tried to send the XCP.

Any ideas?


Maybe try another counterparty server?

Good idea, I’ll try that as soon as my balance returns to normal… It seems to be taking much longer this time for some reason. Even on the coindaddy server my btc balance is still off :confused:

I’ve tried on the coindaddy server with apparently no luck, I’m just wasting BTC fees at this point :frowning:

I did try to list my XCP on the exchange here for some BTC, could that be causing my send to remain pending? As far as I can tell I have cancelled my listing on the exchange though so that I can get the XCP over to poloniex.

How much fee do you use? Currently the mempool is full and you need 0.0015 BTC fee just to get it through in one day. https://bitcoinfees.earn.com/

Better try again on Sunday then the fees are lower

Ah that makes sense. Well thanks for all your help @foldinger it went through last night or this morning eventually! :smiley: