Did not get my xcp!

hello i used the footbalcoin wallet to sell 1000 XFCCOIN for 14.15 XCP.My XFCCOIN is gone from my wallet but i did not get the 14.15 XCP.
Can anybody help me with that???
Please i need help!
Thank you

I guess it just takes time until the XCP transaction is completed on the bitcoin blockchain.
Or if the transaction fails in the end then your XFCcoin - which are now in escrow - should come back. If you post or send me your public counterwallet address then I can check at xchain.io which transactions are pending.


please check for me!Thank you!

Looks like the order is still open https://xchain.io/tx/1327233 so your 1000 XFCCOIN are hold in escrow. I don’t know if it still gets completed or someone else will complete the order. But if you cancel the order then you get your 1000 xfccoin back.

can you please tell me how to cancel the tranzaction please.i am lost!
thank you so much

Your open order should be listed in Counterwallet ->Exchange->Open orders
There you can cancel it.

thank you lots!!!