- Counteparty-enabled content sharing

Just heard about this in Chris DeRose’s talk on Oct 5th at Coins in the Kingdom which I highly recommend. It’s not too long and does a good overview of how Counterparty is being used and may be used in the near term:

In any case, is a site and app with a Counterparty token that users will acquire and spend to see content posted by other members. Content is blurred out until payment is made in the token. I haven’t tried it out but if it’s easy to use, it could be one of those break-out apps that is attractive to people even outside the cryptocurrency world.

Very interesting. Is Chris active on these forums at all?

Not sure. He’s @derosetech on Twitter though if you want to ping him.

The thing with “bitsies” is that the exact same thing can be done with bitcoin, there is no point for the extra token. If it is literally just pay x amount of token to unlock content, why not just pay some amount of bitcoin? 

@cryptonaut You never know, maybe will want to open up a TCV forum on Let’s Talk Bitcoin. Then the utility becomes immediate. Or maybe they’ll want to allow holders of their tokens to vote on new features or ads or share dividends. Cross-promotion is another option…not that I want to see a bunch of token spam but what if did a deal with Shutterfly that gave photo printing credits to its users?