Any interest in hosted Counterparty + JahPowerbit + Bitcoind Servers?

I am just trying this out so here goes.

I have a number of hosted instances of Counterparty, Bitcoind with JahPowerBit if anyone is interested.

I will offer the instances free for 15 days for anyone willing to try them out. If things work, then I’ll charge an XCP fee for the service.

You’ll also have r00t access to the server to update your bitcoind wallet etc. This is very raw and I’ interested in testing demand for more reliable instances as the web-based GUI improves.

I guess there will be demand for this service, given the complexity of installing it.

Do I have to trust you to use the service?

[quote author=AdamBLevine link=topic=130.msg824#msg824 date=1393209211]
Do I have to trust you to use the service?

Yes, you would. I’d imagine this is not for anyone who plans on using it as a cold-storage mechanism, just for those that want to play around without heavy blockchain setup stages.