Counterparty in Q&A with the CEO of BitNation

CounterParty on this Q&A as one of the awesome emerging technologies in the space:

BitNation was talked about on a recent episode of Let’s Talk Bitcoin ( Stephanie has some reservations about the project because it seems she doesn’t want anybody to do some of these things but obviously people, companies and communities will decide how much power they want to put into a decentralized government project like this.

She made a number of good points, actually, I listened to this episode 2 days ago but I wasn't focused so I missed a lot of what she said. 

Problem is it's going to be a while before any of what's done on the platform counts. I'd like to know more about their revenue model. The site refers to some revenue assumptions but I couldn't find them.

I remember few months back someone on Reddit said he wanted to pay a large bounty for something like BitNation. I wonder if they got that money :-) That would be nice.

@something are you referring to the project to replace the Bitcoin Foundation? A project headed by Mike Hearn called Lighthouse did win that proposal and delivered an alpha a few weeks ago. Otherwise, I’d be interested to learn about that post.

@weex: yeah you’re right, that’s the one Lighthouse won. Now I remember thinking to myself “WTF” when I saw that news.