Bitcoin public key for counterwallet randomly changed

Recently, I made a transaction using virwox of .983 btc to bitcoin address
Up until today, the aforementioned bitcoin address is the one I used with counterwallet with the same passphrase as the one i used today. For unknown reasons, when I logged in with the same passphrase as before, my btc address changed to 1NfTTDBrw8Vpp9JXYYJpt5kSQzvnzsPGKd
I have no idea why this happened, I cannot seem to find my private key, and I would truly appreciate it if you could help me retrieving the money that is mine. Thank you, I can provide any documentation needed in solving this problem.

Two possible scenarios:

  • The passphrase is correct but previously you used the 2nd or 3rd (or 4th or 5th…) address. Log back in and click “create new address” several times. Does your address show up?


  • You either misspelled one word or mixed the order of two words. The passphrase dictionary consists of several words just one character apart. E.g. if the correct word is truck and you type in tuck, you’ll log into another wallet.