Did not receive BTC on counterwallet


sended small amount of BTC into my counterwallet and on blockchain there is status “Unable to decode output address”. I understand that XCP and BTC adress on counterwallet is the same right? what can be wrong please? :*(

thank you


I have same issues, why no response still? Is this a bogus wallet or something?

Have no clue where is the problem :frowning: btc still didn’t arrived. Little bit pissed

The wallet doesn’t load on desktop (running latest version of Mac OS X / chrome), on mobile you can’t refresh page without being logged out.

What do you mean “wallet doesn’t load on desktop”? I’m using MAC OS as well and I don’t have a problem to login into my wallet, but that transaction which I mentioned in this thread is not done. My BTCs are somewhere blocked.

withdrawn, I’m in

Just to be clear… your BTC is sending fine… it is just that counterwallet is not showing BTC history currently.

There is no reason to be concerned… you can always check a blockchain explorer like blocktrail.com to see your BTC history.

We are working on getting this issue resolved shortly

Ok, thank you for information. But i want to have that BTCs in my counterparty wallet, because I want to send my XCP elsewhere and I have insufficient BTCs for that transaction…

I have given you the answer to solve your problem… The system says you need BTC to send your transaction… so send more BTC into your wallet.