[DEVPARTY] Modules for CounterTools

My submission to Devparty is CounterTools, a modular wallet.
View on YouTube and download from GitHub.

It is a functional wallet with tools, but the whole idea is that additional modules shall be easy to add. Just wonder which features are in demand?

Here are some possibilities:

  1. Address history.
    I will look into this tomorrow. Hopefully just takes a few hours to implement.

  2. DEX

  • More complicated. I don’t know if any public API offers the necessary info.
  1. Cards
  • Browse SoG cards or even issue your own.
  1. Vending machines / swapbots

  2. Asset ownership transfer

  3. Betting

  • Binomial bets are a potent feature of Counterparty. Will it catch on with a user friendly GUI?

I will implement #1 asap. For #4 and #5 I will consult with 3rd parties. The most interesting plugins would be #3 and #6 but they will have to be quite complex.

Of course, if you have other ideas I’d be happy to hear. If you want to make your own or cooperate on one I’d be even happier :smiley:

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Nice work JP :slight_smile:

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History module just added.

It shows two tables - one with the last transactions and one with latest broadcasts. Click on a value to open Counterpartychain or Blockscan in a separate tab.

Two more modules added

  • Devparty Scoreboard.

  • Spells of Genesis

The SoG plugin lets you browse all SoG cards. Click on a card to view its DEX orderbook (opens another Devparty project, xcpdex.com, in another tab). Later on I can make it more advanced; like only show cards that you own and enable an easy way to send cards in the GUI. This is quite trivial stuff. Later (but this required a bit more work) I can have Swapbots and the DEX integrated in the wallet.

Just released a special version; CounterTools SoG - Spells of Genesis Edition

Powerful !!!

Nice work JP