[ann] colorswarm

I’ve been working with a couple developers for the last couple of months to create a site called Color Swarm where we deconstruct videos into their individual frames, color them, and reassemble them into a new video. Participants of these projects will be awarded Counterparty tokens. If someone chooses to sponsor a project, then the participants will receive dividends proportionate to how much work they have contributed to the project.

That’s the nutshell version of it. I have an early draft of a “white paper” in the following Google Doc link on which I would absolutely LOVE to get any feedback: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cqJpt3Pik_kdgU78pFIovqhxZ0avydrwJzdXHwQr4Ls/edit?usp=sharing

The site http://colorswarm.com is currently just a landing page with a little information and a form to sign up for email update (I quickly set it up in WordPress, though the new site is Drupal).

Looking forward to hearing any thoughts from all the Counterparty community!

I checked the doc and saw the video, it’s more interesting than I expected!

I’d consider adding an option to specify a mandatory color palette for some videos where that is expected to produce better results.

I wonder whether skilled animators could cheat (like captcha cheaters do) to automate the process, so some sort of moderation (maybe broadcasts (HOW TO: What is a broadcast? How do I publish one?) or multisig-owned assets?) could be used to hopefully prevent such attempts.

Definitely will experiment with different requirements for different videos. Some should be very simple with low standards and some should require much more artistic efforts… just depends on the content.

I’m interested to see what types of “cheats” people try to make. Some of them may be very exciting and become part of the system. Currently, there is a limit to the number of frames your can check out from your account and anything submitted has to be approved by the community before it is accepted, so there are some minimal safeguards at the moment.

Thank you for taking a look!

This looks very interesting :smiley: I am sending you a PM on LTB, neat looking project