90 Second Promo Video

How could Counterparty best be presented in a similar video?
Are there any plans to make one?

These videos are pretty expensive. While they’re certainly nice, it would likely have to be a benefactor that furnishes the money for something like this. Do you know anyone who wants to spend $10k or so on such a video?

It’s not just the money, it’s the time required to spend on the script. You can pay for the animation but you still have to write a good script, and that takes time (time which is probably better spent on developing the protocol/products).

That being said, if there’s someone in the community with experience in making these videos/scripts I think that kind of contribution would be very useful.

I totally agree. An expensive video is unlikely to be anyone’s priority at this point.

Would be fun though to have an informal discussion on what the script could be like. Even if no video were to be made from it, a short, concise description of CP would come handy to those presenting CP to new people.

This is actually a good idea. @ivana makes a good point though that this gets expensive. However FLDC is talking with a couple of people about doing one of these videos for us since we are non profit and we have some people of interest. We are still writing the script for ours (and we will pay Stephanie Murphey in LTBC once we are further along to be the voice https://letstalkbitcoin.com/purchase-ads) but this is something that will take sometime still since those of interest are saying they wont do it for free, but they will give us a good discount. I also havent seen any of these animators work yet as i am still waiting to hear back from them.

However, I could push them to do a CP version as well if a script is written. I can find an animator if someone else is willing to write a script. As most of you have picked up, my writing skills are not the best yet, I am getting better though :slight_smile: I havent written as much as i have in the past 8 months since I was in high school, and even then not that much lol

My first video presentation ever :blush:

Counterparty explained in three minutes. Emphasis on popular assets.

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Some notes on video blogging:

  • Windows Movie Maker is good for editing. It took me literally 1 minute to figure it out. I inserted clips and still images (the “WHAT IS COUNTERPARTY?” frame is an image). Then I removed unnecessary parts by splitting clips and deleting the unwanted pieces.

  • (I hope) presenting is a skill like rollerblading, swimming, etc. You can learn it well, but it takes a lot of practice.

I encourage others to give it a try as well. My hope is that others will iterate on the same topic, and eventually someone will make a very good <5 min presentation of Counterparty.

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+1 and +10 for the initiative :thumbsup:

Yea. For a free product, Windows Movie Maker is pretty decent. Its easy to use

FWIW - I use Kdenlive, and find it to be just wonderful. It’s open-source, and free. I’m surprised to see that you’re running Windows. I’d suggest switching to XUbuntu :smile:

Out of curiosity, what do you have against Windows :)?

At this point, my primary problem with Windows is that it’s incompatible with a world of Bitcoin.The security model of Windows was always broken, but since there wasn’t a currency that could facilitate specialization of skills amongst black hats, and since there wasn’t a sufficiently developed value transfer mechanism for use in holding data hostage - the worst that could happen to Windows users was “spyware” where their machine’s performance was merely encumbered for the sake of comparatively small amounts of money. Now, in a world of Bitcoin, we should see that insecure operating systems have such a high bounty for attack, that they will be rendered completely unusable. (Data locker is an easy example here)

There’s a lot of reasons that Windows’ security model is bad, but primarily it’s due to : Microsoft’s requirement for an inordinate degree of backward-compatibilty, Government purchasing matrices that did not have any meaningful consideration for ‘reliability’ and/or ‘security’, and of course Microsoft’s very ambitious development timelines. Most of these decisions can’t fixed at this point, and as such it’s going to be an increasing expensive platform to run as these problems catch up to everyday users.

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Also, related to the OP, see: http://reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/32t40p/if_anyone_wants_animations_i_accept_bitcoin_for/ Perhaps?

FWIW - I use Kdenlive, and find it to be just wonderful. It’s open-source, and free.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out.

Vdubmod for minor editing and slicing is not too bad either. It’s quite limited but I enjoy it for a lot of simple tasks.