[ANN] Announcing Devparty: the First Counterparty Development Contest

In expectation of the second anniversary of the Counterparty project, just a month away, the Counterparty Foundation is happy to announce the first development contest – Devparty, and is inviting developers from all over the world to build new Counterparty integrations, with up to 9,500 XCP in prizes available.

For more information about the contest, please read our official announcement and join us on Slack!

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Anyone looking for ideas? Here’s a few small ones I’ve come up with:

  • A tool to relay transactions through a BTCC account for 0 fees
  • serpent-based smart contracts by way of a centralized web site/sevice (You type your serpent into a text area, and it runs based on either a blockheight or maybe receipt of funds into an address controlled by that server?)
  • Torrent bounties - when a torrent seeder completes a seed, they receive an Asset.
  • Automatic funder/bonder. So - say you’re trying to collect 1000 assets in one month, the site launches with an address and if the money is collected, the money releases to an entity. If it’s not, the amount is refunded. (Would be nice for sponsoring feature development in CP)
  • Commununity voting app. (There’s a lot you can do here - but allowing people to setup a vote, and distribute vote tokens to others, would be the idea)
  • Any kind of Betting app on public feeds and such . Perhaps with a moving line for house profit.
  • Any kind of casino app. bitkong.me is frigging awesome as an example
  • A Lottery app using tokens might be cool (buy a ticket - only one winner, verifiable randomness/odds)

Chris, does “completes seed” mean when the torrent’s status changes to Seeding: 2? It could be the same guy, though.

Betting: yes! Even personal P2P where one of the sides decides (because in this case the betting persons likely know each other, the process can be simpler than with unknown parties).

I think it would be interesting if contestants used existing UIs (if they find that advantageous, of course) such as Counterwallet (source), Indiesquare Wallet (source), Tokenly Pockets (source), etc.

I may edit this post this weekend, in order to add more without creating too many separate comments.

I’ve thought about rewarding peers for seeding torrents based on seeding uptime. The challenges are in measuring uptime then allocation and distribution of the asset reward.

Also seeding would have to be on a private (.onion?) network.
An semi-manual method would be for a feed operator to create a bet and manually verify outcome using any way he finds appropriate, but the feed op’s reputation would be important.
Some other pretty elaborate crypto- and non-crypto proposals can be found here on StackExchange.

Can I use Unity store assets if I take part to Devparty?

All projects must be either a new
project, or a new feature on an existing project/product. In either
case, coding must start after the announced start date of the contest.

I think the rule is saying that all contestants must feature Counterparty as key component (e.g. a Bitcoin-only project wouldn’t qualify). The part about “new” projects means this:

  • You can leverage existing open source software, including various projects that work with Counterparty code (see above) to save time. The simplest example is if you want to add some new functionality to a wallet (say, 2FA) - you could build on top of one of the existing wallets. For mobile apps it probably makes sense to not build wallet functionality from scratch.
  • If you want to build something that’s doesn’t require mobile clients, you could build a Web site (server-based app) from scratch (as long as it uses Counterparty API)

@ivana, any official comment/correction?

@something @Johnsson yep! Requirement is that the project involves the development of a Counterpart integration and that the development hasn’t started prior to the beginning of the contest (December 1st)

Here’s the Devparty registration list (updated with each new registration): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QXTlvt666JV05GayvbabvTuvPF32Y3vYZ9fY2cC-pFQ/edit?usp=sharing

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