Devparty Project: slot game


We are making slot game for take part to Devparty. Because at the time we start project there was only few (if I remember right 4-5) competitor. I thought it is better to get more competitors to make contest looking more contest even if game idea is not so good and not use Counterparty protocol so much than some of you other more skilled guys can do. And also start think if I can learn myself something new and maybe build something what can later come bigger and better instead of only looking what happen around of Counterparty.

So I hired game developer Jimit to build my idea from slot game where adventuring similiar looking characters than I have meet around Counterparty online community in last two years, in Bitcointalk forum, Skype Shit-Chat, Slack. Actually today coming few day over 2 years when I burn my first Bitcoins after find Counterparty thread from altcoin forum.

So to that why I am writing this thread. Characters are in bonus game section and that you will see later who all take part to this slot adventure, but because I have paid and pay all project from my own pockets I thought to try sell winning pictures from slot game itself if some of projects what are over Counterparty want to get their picture adds to slot winning lines. If anyone or if don’t find to all marks some projects to buy their adds to game I will add some random pictures or use some random Counterparty projects/asset etc in winning marks.

If you are interested buy adds for your project from us slot game write here or speak for me skype or slack (Harri in skype and Slack). Wild mark auction prices are possible make only to this topic. Letters winning pictures will be more simple and small adds and bigger four is bigger.

There is available next winning lines pictures, total 8 winnings + Wild Auction:

Bonus (Not available: Counterparty)
Wild (Auction for that who offer best price =))
Scatter (Us logo)

1st picture price 100 XCP
2nd picture price 80 XCP
3rd picture price 70 XCP
4th picture price 60 XCP

A price 50 XCP
K price 40 XCP
Q price 30 XCP
J price 20 XCP

Game will be so far freeplay with some asset tokens what we share, so we see how it working and because it maybe include some bugs so we need use some more raid spray ( ) to get it more secure to gamble with real money.

If you have any question about this project feel free to write here or ask in skype or slack. If someone paying for adds and for some reason we don’t get us game working until devparty dead line day I will give all XCP back :slightly_smiling:

One question from us side is there any problem use some of community known persons in us game in cartoon characters or are that better ask if they allow be there in game? We aren’t hack ‘n’ slash anyone to blood smash or anything similiar, more like ski jump or something family safety shit are coming if we get all ready until dead line.

If you want buy some of logo prices without question you can pay amount to this address and message for me and talk about details. Counterparty address: 1CnvqWsq7cCaaJFaecN1qTKEqTybRVHAoT

Web page is coming probably tomorrow or some of next day, but that not have yet anything else than layout ready :slightly_smiling:
If you want send email you can do it to address:, please don’t write too complicated English or I don’t maybe answer :smiley: .

Also all good tips are welcome :slightly_smiling: