How is Devparty Competition going?

Surprising there is no discussions. The prizes are generous $1000++.
Are the submitted proposals public? Where to view?
List of ideas? How to get started?
Maybe you should ask news sites cover it? And Youtube?
I think there are many devs who would be interested but dont know about it.
Why is this Chirs DeaRose not promoting it? I thought he worked for the foundation.

I’m not a developer, so it would be cool to see some kinda thing about what’s going on with the Devparty even if I can’t participate. >^^<

Hi @cassandralechat, we just published the new community update with the Devparty developments news:

Also, happy to answer any questions you might have :)!

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if someone wants to help me make a counterwallet build, BitCongress will finally be finished then…