AMP's not showing in my wallet

I sent some BTC from my counterwallet a while ago to the Synereo crowdsale and they were supposed to send me AMP’s. Synereo’s support staff says that they sent the AMPs to my counterwallet but that AMP’s do not show in this wallet. They said I needed to “export the private key” What do they mean by this?


It doesn’t matter who says what, it’s very simple: enter your bitcoin address (from Counterwallet) in and see whether the alleged transaction happened or not.

The same way, by using, you should also see the transaction you made from Counterwallet. So first check that you actually made the transaction from the address you think you did, then go to to see if they sent any tokens to that address.

If the original address doesn’t show in your Counterwallet, just add a new address in Counterwallet GUI (it’s a bug that sometimes happens, see the FAQs).