About Counter Partys Recent claim about "2/3rds of all Bitcoin 2.0 startups"


I'm a journalist with CoinTelegraph and Bitcoinist (among others). I have a regular series in regards to "hunting for the perfect ICO" and I'd love to include Counter Party in a future edition. However, I can't seem to find or qualify the claim my colleague made in his recent article:


Can someone direct me towards where that info was posted and perhaps walk me through how they arrived at the figure, 2/3rds? On the surface it seems highly bombastic, especially when you look at the coinmarketcap list but if we can substantiate the claim then it makes for a juicy addition to my next article.

Thanks for the help. Please feel free to reach me at the following anytime:  edh@pacificblockchain.com

Hi Fu Man Chu and welcome. One of the founders will contact you soon.


Fantastic thank you. I am currently halfway through writing the article so the sooner the better! Last thing I’d want is to publish it without finding out where you pulled your data from.

Hi FuManChu,

Thanks for your interest in Counterparty! The best people for you to talk to would be the guys at SocialRadius, who are handling such matters for us. You can reach them at counterparty@socialradius.com.

Adam Krellenstein