[PRE-ANN] CounterpartyNews.com

I've registered CounterpartyNews.com and started posting notes whenever something happens in the Counterparty ecosystem. As for now I do this just as a hobby.

Anyone interested in writing articles or helping out with design, feel free to reply here or PM me.

Any revenues from advertisement will be shared. Obviously through a Counterparty token (CPNEWS) as described here.

Site looks good. I'm wondering about the distribution schedule for CPNEWS tokens. You say on the site:

[quote]The plan is to issue 100 new tokens every month until September 2015, and thereafter increase the issuance by 6% every month[/quote]

Does this mean that next month there will be 72 tokens issued or 106?

100 for Sep 2014
100 for Oct 2014

100 for Sep 2015
106 for Oct 2015
112.36 for Nov 2015
119.1016 for Dec 2015
… and so on

At the moment (I'm the only one working on the project) this is only a plan - up for discussion. Once people start contributing it is very important that this distribution schedule gets "written in stone".

The exponential increase is a trade-off to ensure that new contributors always will get a large share, while old contributors still will get something from the site they helped build up. I made the growth factor 6%, which is approximately a doubling in the monthly supply each year.

The disadvantage is obviously that early contributors get watered out. The value of one CPNEWS token will never be worth much. This will discourage some from participating. 

Actually, it's somewhat refreshing because if someone wants to contribute it'll be because they want to do the work, help the community, etc and rely more on performance to get paid than just holding. The problem is it will be hard to achieve value through any kind of speculation, the site will have to earn and have good contributors or it won't go far.

Another option can be to fix the issuance at 100 new tokens every month in perpetuity. These will be given to whoever contributes that month. Fifty percent of revenues will be distributed to holders of CPNEWS. The other fifty percent will be paid to contributors as salary.

In other words, contributors will both receive a salary and tokens that have long-term value if CP News succeeds.

Yet another option is to reduce the issuance over time. 100 new tokens each month for the first year, 50 new tokens every month for the second year, then 25, and so on. Maybe this would be the best model after all, as long contributors always gets fifty percent as salaries?

I like the last option as it specifically addresses the early-contributor as well as the present-day contributor. The early contributor could reinvest their salary into buying the token if they wish to double-down on the future of the site. Likewise, the present day contributor could if they believe they will have a significant impact, purchase tokens before becoming employed or helping with the site. In regards to the rate of decrease of issuance, you could model that on the expected growth curve of a successful site.

Taking reddit for example being founded in June 23, 2005, it has now grown to 35 million unique visitors. Assuming it started with just 10 users in 2005 it’s grown at about 500% per year. Trying to match that with token issuance would seem to aggressive so doing just a halving each year or two would be good.

Love the project. I’d happily contribute as soon as I find the time.

+1 :slight_smile:

Let me just point out that I used reddit in my example above.  :D


I’ve made a final decision on distributions. 100 CPNEWS to be distributed monthly the first year. 50 monthly the second year, and so on. Content creators will share 90 CPNEWS, while 10 are reserved for bounties.

50% of revenues will be paid out as monthly dividends to holders of CPNEWS. The other half goes to salaries / commissions.

Early contributors will get only CPNEWS tokens since there are no revenues yet, and these tokens will only become valuable if the site succeeds.