A fully secured bond (with interest secured as well)?

I’d like to sell a bond. I’d like to choose the interest rate. (Assume there are enough buyers for this discussion.) I want the bond to be secured with counterparty (or similar). I want the principal of the loan and also the interest paid to investors to be fully escrowed into the blockchain so there is nil risk (so I can get the lowest rate).

Here is an example. I issue a bond that can be divisible (is it called a bond at that point or shares or loan? shrug) for 1 btc. I set the rate at 1% APR (denominated in btc) for 1 year. So, a total amount of 1.01 btc must be escrowed into the blockchain and automatically released to investors after exactly 1 year. There is no oracle, no broadcast, no betting, no derivatives, no manual intervention–it is all automatic.

How do I do this? :slight_smile:

actually, perhaps this is a terrible idea, since I wouldn’t even need to get a loan in the first place. I’d delete this thread if I knew how :smiley:

Never mind, we’ve all been there!

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Actually the idea is not completely useless. You could - with enough trust - deposit another asset and have it distributed if you don’t pay interest on time, or something like that.
I think that can’t be done now, but maybe it is possible with Smart Contracts (based on Ethereum’s Pythereum) - it can be tested on testnet right now, but it’s not yet available on mainnet.