Selling about 2000 XCP. Would like to do it without moving the market because liquidity is low

We will agree on an a trusted escrow and take the market price of BTER.

PM if relevant

Trusted escrow: you could ask interested parties to create offers on the DEX, that’s simple enough (and ask for a minimum of 100 XCP per order) and fill them if you see them (on

You’d have to install counterpartyd and download the entire blockchain, etc. so it’s a bit of effort but it’s much easier for potential buyers.

You could just place a sell order at your preferred price on BTER or the DEx and wait for it to be matched. Unless you are in a rush.

True, but I don’t like having such amounts on centralized exchanges. Ill try in smaller amounts meanwhile. Offer still stands but 1500 now.

That is only 20 BTC at current rates. I think you would be safe putting up an ask on bter. 

Agreed and already did. Thanks.