9 new addresses?

Today I logged in and I found 9 new addresses in my wallet. Last time ( week ago ) everything was normal.
What happened? How new addresses can appear in wallet?

Is there any balances on these addresses? What are the “labels” of the addresses?

Same thing happened to me with 11 addresses but knowing how they’re generated, the extra addresses didn’t bother me. In regards to balances, they have 0 BTC and 0 XCP. They are labelled with My Address #2-4, and 13-20.

@whoknows007, it’s an old problem that resurfaces every now and again and for a while it seemed it was affecting users who created wallets long time ago, but even that hasn’t been confirmed.

As weex said, every Counterwallet has a fixed number of possible bitcoin addresses it’s associated with, so it’s not a problem per se, except aesthetically.

One of attempted fixes that went in in August IIRC was to not display addresses with 0 balances, but it seems it didn’t work in your case… If this bothers you let us know when you created your wallet and we’ll reopen the issue on Github.

Balance and labels are 0 BTC 0 XCP and My Address #…

Thanks @something for explanation, its not big problem but I was wondering what happend :wink: