100K $ reward who help me

Hello, I’m newbie on counterparty, but not in Bitcoins. I was restore some private keys from old dead drive. One Address from the keys is 1BS6PGNB3BBSFY4TWNEMMTFPQR6ZBDWY9M Address Information
And looks like is zombie address from 2014 never be used. The balance is small 0.00010860BTC but on xchain explorer and counterparty wallet(FreeWallet-support import priv.keys) includes EDGECOIN.
[1BS6PGNB3BBSfY4tWnEMMtFpQr6zbDWY9m]0.00010860 ($5.82) 5,000,000.00000000 [XCP] ($15,150,000.00)

# Asset Amount Percentage of Supply Estimated Value
1 EDGECOIN 50,000,000 0.10000000% 5,000,000.00000000 XCP ($15,150,000.00)

My problem is, what can i do with the (token) coins? Its possible to swap for bitcoins or $ or something similar? I don’t know how counterparty works. Who First help me solve my problem will receive reward 100K$ Of EDGECOIN/XCP or BTC

Greetings, I maybe of some help trading your edgecoin.


Is your Edgecoin problem resolved?

have you tried shapeshift.com?