Recover Tokens sent to a "normal" HD Bitcoin wallet?

I sent 5$ in Bitcoin to a SwapBot as I wanted to see if it ran out of fuel and thus is inactive. Now the bot might actually send me back some tokens although I did not state that I want to start the swap, I just wanted to fund the address a little.

Have done it from my Mycelium wallet.
Would it work to just restore the same seed in a counterparty wallet? What steps would be required to recover the token if possible at all?

Google did unfortunately not help me a lot here. So if anyone could point me to an article explain why/how/or why not this works.

Thanks you all!

Simon - please contact with this information and tell us the name of your bot.

Dear Deweller

Thanks for your reply. I have already had contact with Adam Levine regarding this bot. And we are in an e-mail conversation regarding a related topic.

My question here is more of academic nature. Is there a way to recover tokens if they are sent to a normal Bitcoin address? Will the bot even send it or are XCP addresses somehow recognizable? I am new to Counterparty and only started with Spells of Genesis a few weeks back.

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If you control the private keys to the address, you can recover the Counterparty assets sent there.

If you do not control the private keys (like an exchange or Coinbase address), they you will need their help to recover your Counterparty assets.

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Thanks, this is what I was looking for.

I’ve also made a javascript tool.
You can use it if you have the private key.

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Wonderful, I knew there would be information out there, just couldn’t find it. Including Video, just perfect!

I lost some bitcoin after I made payment to a wrong wallet. I hired a Pro charge back to help me recover my funds