I couldn't sent my token

I accidentally sent counterparty token from counterwallet to bitcoinadress(non-counterparty).
I lost all token.
From “1JNJ1GWa6nSxFqs4wADVrZz15gpfRgNskZ “
To “1J6MVym6SLzWqrZ6xijrmPQ1mwLX8Nv81S”

If it was possible, Please rescue me.
I am sorry,I am not good at English.

Counterparty works with all bitcoin addresess, so as long as you have the private key, you didn’t lose anything.

I would suggest downloading freewallet.io, then going into the change address screen and clicking Options and then ‘Import Private Key’… then paste in the private key for your address 1J6MVym6SLzWqrZ6xijrmPQ1mwLX8Nv81S

You should then be able to use the address just like any other counterparty address.

TL;DR, If you have the private key of the address, your fine :slight_smile: