Btc charge for currency transfer

Hi there, I have some bitcoin, scotcoin and sjcx in my counterparty account and when i try to transfer coins to an exchange I can’t because I don’t have enough bitcoin for the transaction cost. I have 0.00444864 in my account and it tells me I need 0.00914748 BTC. I’ve transferred funds before and it only cost 0.00120000. I feel that the charge is a mistake, could you verify this for me.

I have the same issue.

Each time I attempt to send SJCX it tells me I need approximately 0.00XX bitcoin. I deposit that amount and the approximate amount goes up 0.0004+ meaning I can’t send. I’ve wasted so much on fees transferring into my counterparty wallet.

Depositing anything more is just money down the drain as I can’t transfer it out without a large fee.

Some-why the system requires us to have much more BTC than we want to transfer.