Wrong BTC address

Can you check now my address
Now I have

But you know what is problem ,that is Bitcoin address from Dragon’s tale online casino/game
That is not counterwallet address,OMG Token still come,what I do?Can somebody somehow contact owner of game from support Andrew Tepper also owner of Genessis to send that tokens to my real counterwallet address 19Pafkw7ZFjB2sPFNSemAetimurpaKxn6w …Please help
I m owner of both address

If Dragon’s Tale support people can help you, you can get the tokens back.

They certainly won’t send coins from an address they control to somewhere because some unrelated person asked them to do so.

If they don’t know how to send CounterParty tokens from a Bitcoin address, they can join the Counterparty Slack or ask here.

I contact owner of game, he told me he figure what is best for him, because he need put private key in wallet…I will see what happen.Just need wait