Withdrawal from Poloniex shows complete but n XCP in CP wallet since 48 hours

At 2015-11-09 16:01:16 Poloniex marked as complete a withdrawal of XCP to my CP address. Nearly 48 hours later the XCP is still not showing in the CP wallet.

Transaction hash COMPLETE: 2619245afaf8703caea6abcdbb8511709dd08dfa43bd4a0d4d33692796a22503

Can someone investigate please?

There’s no such transaction hash.

I have had this problem a number of times now. You need to contact their support people ( https://poloniex.freshdesk.com )

It occurs due to a malleability attack on the transaction and unlike with BTC transactions and the txids auto changing, they don’t on the counterparty chain and Poloniex staff need to resend the withdrawal to your wallet.


My apologies - I did contact Poloniex at the time and they confirmed the problem was theirs. They fixed it and the XCP was available in a few mins. So relieved I forgot I still had the issue open here
I should have maked this closed - sorry